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Hello my name is Peter M Schoonover CEO and Founder of . Thank you for taking time to read my vision statement. As society progress new technology can shift very quickly the way business distribute there products and delivery service to there customer base. 

Autonomous Delivery systems are being developed and tested now. Implantation of the autonomous delivery vehicles will be available for the entrepreneur like myself the ability to introduce them into application like dedicated expedited fright.


I was brought up in trucking family as young boy my father was owner operator in the long-distance trucking  business .He hauled for many companies in his 30 year long trucking carrier. Companies  like Mayflower and Atlas Van Lines  doing furniture moving and he also did local trucking delivery with many stops in New England. I would help him during summers when I was off from school. I was also able to join my crazy uncle Steve who after coming home from the Vietnam war started is owner operator business that would take loads from Springfield Massachusetts and deliver them to New York City during the 1980s.

I learned from them how hard trucking was on the mind and body. My father worked so hard loading and unloading he would be on his hands and Knees by the end of the day crawling just to be able the offload the rest of the trailer do to pain and age. As for my uncle his mind from the Vietnam war along with using drugs to stay up long period of time so he could make deadlines and do more loads contributed to his early death at young age of 57. 

MY brother Bob who, after leaving the army as helicopter crew chief and co pilot used the Class A license he received during army training and buy his own used truck and become a owner operator .After a few years my brother decided to start driving a produce truck from the Boston Markets to  a local fresh farm stands for over 20 years. I would sometimes help him unload 53 foot trailers of car tires and I would also go with him to the Boston produce market and help him load his truck. I spent many the day as a lumper before buying my own truck.

In 1999 I started my own trucking company . Before becoming a owner operator I attended a diesel technology school after high school in 1991 were I received my diesel technology degree. Starting off briefly as mechanic working on buses,I fund out that it just was not my calling to be a mechanic. I work in human services for 6 years .During that time I obtained my class B CDL at a school bus company and met my wife who also was a school bus driver with her class B CDL.

1999 The master plan to become a owner operator. Both me and my wife had class B licenses I researched companies that used straight trucks and fund this company called  Roberts Express a very productive expediting company where a owner operator could really take advantage of evolution of expediting trucking. After 2 years of travel and making money as a Expeditor leased with Roberts Express they were bought out by FedEx Custom critical were I spent 5 more years traveling the country thinking about being home and not having my buttocks hurting or my wife driving at night or suffering from lack of sleep and other health trouble that trucking causes the body to Indore. Seeing the many traffic jams ,accidents resulting in deaths just in the 7 short years would contribute to the dream of someday having  Autonomous trucks and vans being able to make these time sanative shipments safely and on time.

After 7 years of expedited  my wife ended up with a  autoimmune disease that during treatment the medication caused her to have A medication induced psychosis leading to many months in psychiatric ward .I was not able to keep the trucking business as a result of this tragic outcome and stress from this caused here to  file a divorce ending the marriage and the trucking business .

The dream never stopped in my mind of all the benefits of  Autonomous Delivery systems  that would allowing a father to be home with his son or saving someone's physical health,or lowering the accident and deaths rates from driver error.

When I first started using technology like the QUALCOMM systems used in dispatching. Trucking companies could dispatch directly from the dispatcher to the cab of truck .Working with Roberts Express and FedEx Custom critical I figured it would just be a matter of time before driver-less technology would start changing the way we travel and move commerce .The paradigm shift in the industry moves so quickly.

Understanding big companies will be moving forward using Autonomous Delivery systems having access to lots of money with in place logistics resource available. One might make ask how can the start up compete with them.

There will always be room for the more personal  entrepreneur to utilize these new technologies . will take this opportunity  to grow were these large companies cant. Thank you for taking time to read my vision statement and never give up on a dream.

Peter M Schoonover.